The weather has been so beautiful, I turned my attention to drawing outside again recently. I am so happy to be able to get outside! Nature is always an inspiration for me. I spent some hours in the afternoon sketching, hiking, and meditating. There were some very interesting clouds and pinon branches I felt drawn to sketch. I re-discovered a Derwent graphite pencil I had floating around in my tool bag, and even though the somewhat flat light made drawing more of a challenge, I found that the multiple types of strokes, edges, and blends possible with a graphite pencil made the process easier.

Working hard on building and customizing this new website. It really helps to have extensive graphic design experience and a mind for the technical! Hopefully the new site will be completed soon. —Kristy

I painted this small study, on some interesting summer clouds. I used Golden’s Open Acrylics and was fascinated to see that even after the paints had been unused and mostly solidified, the paint on the palette released with some water and patience. —Kristy